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Compliment kids' dentistry services in Etobicoke and Mississauga with healthy habits at home

Understandably, parents want to do what they can to keep their children happy and free from the pain of dental problems. The kids' dentistry services offered at sherway dentistry in Etobicoke help families from our immediate area and from Mississauga maintain healthy smiles year after year. In addition to performing routine preventive care and, when necessary, restorative services, our team partners with parents to decrease the risk of dental problems such as cavities or other infections.

Armed with the right information, you have a great opportunity to help your family enjoy pain-free smiles:
  • Oral care begins at birth because bacteria are present from this time forward. Formula and breast milk contain sugar compounds that feed bacteria, posing a risk of infection. Gums can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth after feeding.
  • Baby teeth, even the first few, should be brushed daily with a toothbrush designed specifically for infants.
  • Bottles at bedtime should contain only water. Milk, juice and other liquids that contain sugar significantly increase the risk of "bottle-caries," or cavities in baby teeth.
  • Most children do not have the motor skills to brush and floss properly until they are about 8 years old. Until this time, they need help from a parent.
  • Every child may have unique needs when it comes to oral care. By teaming with a skilled dentist, parents benefit from a personalized approach to hygiene.
  • Healthy food builds healthy bodies – and teeth! Crunchy fruits and vegetables are fun for children to eat and they are efficient at cleaning plaque and sugar residue off teeth. Because teeth contain large amounts of calcium, this mineral is essential to healthy development.
  • Certain foods and beverages should be avoided. Energy drinks and many sodas have been shown to cause dramatic erosion of enamel. The excessive wearing down of this hard outer shell leads to an increased risk of cavities as well as tooth discolouration.
  • Sporting activities are a great way to engage socially while getting physical exercise. Child athletes of all levels should be fitted with a customized mouth guard to protect their teeth and jaws from injury.
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