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Choosing a dental implant dentist in Etobicoke ON

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Implantology is a versatile technique that can be used to replace a single missing tooth, or to anchor a bridge or denture with incredible stability. Because the implant becomes part of your body as bone fuses to it, it can be a lifetime solution. If you are ready for a dental implant, here are some important considerations in choosing a dentist in the Mississauga/Etobicoke ON area.

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Implantation is a multi-step procedure, requiring pre-planning and precision for the best outcome. Every case is different, but the process may involve an individualized combination of:
  • Consultation, to understand your goals.
  • Thorough examination and digital diagnostics to determine if dental implants are your most appropriate treatment option.
  • Extraction of teeth that cannot be saved.
  • Bone grafting. If teeth have been missing for a while, bone has likely deteriorated. Grafting supplements jawbone to support implants.
  • Placement of dental implants into jawbone.
  • Restoration of implants. Once implants have integrated into jawbone, they can be finished with dental crowns, a bridge, or a denture.
The team at sherway dentistry welcomes you to schedule a dental implant consultation. There is no cost for the visit. The doctor will answer your questions and explain the procedure in detail. Call 416.639.2546.

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