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Patients in Etobicoke gain numerous benefits from Dental Implants

Gaps in the smile are aesthetically unappealing and are also detrimental to your oral health. Permanent teeth are supposed to remain in place for life at least that is the perception we have. For various reasons, such as disease, decay, or trauma, many adults discover that permanent teeth are not necessarily guaranteed to last a lifetime. If tooth loss occurs or a tooth must be removed for any reason, Dr. Tuli and Dr. Pavelic discuss with their Etobicoke patients the benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants are a popular option for tooth replacement for several reasons. This approach to tooth replacement is:
  • Permanent. Implants are tiny posts inserted into the jawbone. The implant post is just a root replacement, not a tooth replacement. The act of replacing a missing root is what sets dental implants apart from other methods. After the implant is placed, bone tissue naturally fuses around this prosthetic. In a few months' time, the implant becomes so strongly stabilized by bone that the final restoration can last a lifetime with good oral care.
  • Conservative. Implants are individual prosthetics that are placed into the jawbone. Through this process, outstanding results can be achieved without the need to alter natural teeth as is necessary for a dental bridge. Preserving natural tooth structure is optimal to the longevity of chewing function.
  • Comfortably functional. The various benefits of dental implants lie in the stabilization of restorations in the jawbone. Implants replicate the natural structure of the jaw and thus have the ability to recreate a look and feel that is very natural. Prosthetics such as dentures sit on the gums and have the potential for discomfort due to instability. Situated in the bone, implants do not slide; they do not rub. Most importantly, they do not fall out!
  • Natural in appearance. Implants themselves are tiny cylinders that are not seen in the smile. What are seen are the restorations made of high quality materials such as porcelain. Whether implants are combined with a dental crown, a bridge, or a full denture, patients can rely on our team's commitment to results. The design of artificial teeth is undertaken with great care, giving attention to the small details that achieve the most natural look.
The effects of tooth loss can be great, but they do not have to steal your desire to smile. Contact sherway dentistry today at 416.639.2546.

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