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What to expect during implant treatment from your Etobicoke ON dentist

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If you lost a tooth, chances are you've considered a dental implant. This treatment is highly recommended by dentists and patients alike, due to the functional, cosmetic, and health benefits. Many people who visit our Etobicoke, ON office inquire about the procedure and recovery time. They are pleased to learn that the process is far more comfortable, reliable, and convenient than they expect.

Planning and preparation

Implant treatment is highly customized procedure. It begins with an examination and consultation. Dr. Tuli and Dr. Pavelic will determine if you are a good candidate, and discuss the details of your treatment plan.

Digital x-rays and intraoral imaging are used to determine the ideal placement of dental implant(s). The restorations (false teeth) are designed to mimic the appearance of your real teeth for a natural looking result.

Implant placement

Implants are placed using a minor oral surgery, which is performed right here in our office. The area is numbed thoroughly, so you remain comfortable through the procedure. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) inhaled sedation is available if you are nervous. You will be given a temporary restoration, such as a denture, so that you will not be toothless during the healing process.

Your new smile

The healing process is generally comfortable with few side effects. Soft tissue heals quickly, but it takes a few months for the bone to attach itself to the implant. Once this happens, we arrange a follow-up appointment during which the temporary restoration is replaced with the new permanent one.

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