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Handle dental emergencies quickly in the office of your Etobicoke dentist

Dental emergencies are not limited to the loss of a permanent tooth. These situations come in many shapes and sizes, each of which requires prompt attention from your trusted dentist. In addition to tooth loss, dental emergencies may involve a severe, persistent toothache or possibly an injury to the gums or a tooth. Whatever the exact problem, care from your Etobicoke dentist can get you back to a comfortable state where you can speak, chew, and smile without pain or discomfort.

Dental associations encourage us to practice good care of teeth and gums. Not only should we brush and floss on a daily basis, but we should remember that our teeth are designed to break down foods, not to open packages or perform other utilitarian tasks.

Sherway dentistry has the tools and the skill to handle your urgent dental needs in a timely, gentle manner. If you are facing tooth pain, discomfort or another distressing dental problem, even if you are unsure whether or not your concern is an "emergency," we encourage you to call us. We will discuss ways to temporarily improve comfort until you can be seen by one of our experienced dentists.

Tooth damage

When a tooth has been damaged, treatment should be obtained right away. Damage may be obvious and painful, such as a lost restoration or a broken tooth. It is also possible that tooth damage is felt more subtly, in the form of a persistent toothache. Most urgent dental appointments are, in fact, made for the treatment of worsening pain. In such an instance, pain may be somewhat reduced with a warm water rinse and over the counter medication. This is a temporary pain reliever, not a substitute for professional care. When a tooth hurts, it is telling you there is a problem. With prompt care, pain will be eliminated through the most conservative care.

Dental emergencies are urgent situations that, understandably, take you by surprise. Even in the case of a toothache, it is possible that pain can develop and worsen very quickly. Dr. Tuli, Dr. Pavelic, and the staff at sherway dentistry can put an end to your discomfort with personalized care designed around the issue at hand.

Don't wait for dental pain to send you to the dentist. Call us today to schedule your routine dental checkup.

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