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Dentist in Etobicoke, ON Discusses the Role of Sugar in Cavity Development

Most adults have heard at some point in their life that they are what they eat. There is a great deal of merit to this age-old statement. The substances we eat and drink on a regular basis should build strong bones and bodies. However, many foods and beverages that can have the opposite effect on our health and wellbeing. Due to the direct impact of dietary habits on health, it is important that we make good choices for ourselves and our families.

If a dentist were to ask any child, or even adult, what causes cavities, the response will most likely be sugar. At Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke, ON, we discourage the over consumption of sugary foods and beverages. The reason behind this however, is not because sugar eats healthy enamel. Sugar actually feeds the oral bacteria that naturally live on teeth and gums, promoting the release of acidic by-product.

Indirectly, sugar causes cavities. The direct cause, however, is acid. When bacterial waste remains on teeth, enamel slowly breaks down until a pit, then a hole, develops. The more bacteria that collect in the pits of forming cavities, the faster a cavity will expand.

We may trade soda for fruit juice or sports drinks in an effort to avoid sugar. Sugar, however, is found in excessive amounts in common foods like cereal and fruit bars, as well as many fruit juices. Sports drinks may be lower in sugar, but they tend to be high in acid content, which means the risk of cavities has not been decreased.

We cannot fully avoid sugar or the acid that can break down healthy enamel. When we work with patients in the area of cavity prevention, we discuss healthy food choices such as crunchy vegetables as well as proper brushing and flossing habits.

Oral hygiene remains unsurpassed when it comes to minimizing the effect of destructive bacteria. The team at Sherway Dentistry provides patients with personalized care tailored to their unique dental needs. We encourage preventive care at six-month intervals, and prompt visits for questions, sensitivity, or tooth pain.

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