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Early Recognition of Gum Disease Symptoms Discussed by Etobicoke, ON Dentist

Professional dental care is designed around individual need. However, the care provided at Sherway Dentistry is intended for the primary goal of preventing dental problems like gum disease and cavities. Gum disease, in particular, is a condition that could be described as endemic to North America, affecting millions of people in our country alone.

Even with growing awareness about gum disease, many people develop this progressive infection without knowing it. The early signs of gum disease are so mild that detection may not occur outside of the dental office. It is for this reason that regular check-ups are so highly recommended. The timing of visits, every six months, is the standard guideline because research has shown that most dental problems take at least this long to develop. When too much time goes by without professional evaluation, it is possible to see gum disease progress to a later stage in which tooth stability and bone health are compromised.

The Importance of Early Care for Gum Disease

The dental team at Sherway Dentistry works with patients on an individual basis to identify their risk factors for gum disease, understand symptoms, and begin treatment as needed in our Etobicoke, ON office in a timely manner. Without proper care tailored to the severity of gum disease, we put ourselves at risk for a number of health concerns, ranging from cardiovascular disease to increased risk of stroke to preterm birth for expectant mothers. We have learned through research just how intertwined oral health is with general health. The good news about research findings is that we also know that we can better guard our general health by taking care of the teeth and gums.

Gum disease is often called “silent” for its mild nature. Early signs of problems may include things like chronic bad breath or a very small amount of blood in the sink while brushing and flossing. Symptoms such as these may seem benign, incapable of causing harm. In truth, this evidence of gingivitis indicates that oral bacteria are irritating delicate tissues that support teeth. If addressed quickly, these symptoms and damage to gum tissue can be reversed. Left to progress, however, gum disease will become a chronic problem that requires a lifetime of management to protect the teeth and body from disease.

Our dentists have years of training and experience that you can count on to enjoy a happy, healthy smile. Contact Sherway Dentistry today to schedule your preventative care consultation.

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