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Etobicoke tooth whitening treatment is made easy with options from a dentist you can trust

Many adults at some point in time have the unfortunate experience of looking at their smile and wondering what happened to their bright, dazzling teeth. Discolouration is one of the most common cosmetic complaints we hear. As much as you may brush and floss to take great care of the health of your teeth and gums, discolouration may occur as a result of daily habits.

On the surface, we look at enamel as a solid, hard substance. In reality, there are thousands of microscopic pores on the outermost layer of teeth. Whatever we eat or drink will deposit tiny particles into these pores. Over years, debris accumulates in enamel and blocks out light, causing teeth to appear first dull, then yellow. At sherway dentistry in Etobicoke, tooth whitening can be a convenient process thanks to options from your qualified, professional dentist.

Due to the vast offering of commercial products and even professional treatments, choosing the right tooth whitening method can seem difficult. Because in-office whitening is performed by a trained dental team, many people have the perception that this method is somehow better than professional home whitening treatment. In reality, the only difference between in-office treatment and the system we prescribe for home use is time.

Home whitening treatment was the first to be developed for professional use and it continues to provide patients with the convenience, affordability, and efficiency they need to feel great about their smile. Dr. Tuli and Dr. Pavelic work closely with patients to plan teeth whitening around their needs and expectations. After a consultation visit, we can create custom fitted trays that will keep the gel whitening solution against enamel. Applied daily for a certain period of time, our professional strength whitening gel will gradually lift stains. Many patients see a boost in their smile after their very first application, with optimal results visible over a week to two weeks.

The home whitening prescribed by your dentist is far different from home whitening kits sold commercially. Only your dentist has access to professional grade whitening solution, and only your dentist should recommend use. Commercial products must be extremely low in concentration because they are used in the absence of a dental exam that ensures teeth and gums will not be irritated or injured in the whitening process. At sherway dentistry, our patients benefit from a thorough consultation and examination, as well as the very best products available.

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