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Mississauga patients benefit from professional teeth whitening

Today, teeth whitening seems to be a very easy process that can be completed at home. While it is true that you can undergo teeth whitening at home, the way in which you go about removing stains will either leave you thrilled or leave you feeling frustrated. We encourage our patients to consult with our team about whitening teeth. In a consultation and examination visit, we can assess the cause of stains and, from there, identify the most suitable solution.

Causes of tooth discolouration

  • Foods and beverages are the most common causes of discolouration. Whether it is a daily cup of coffee or a handful of berries, the colours in foods can end up in your smile. To minimize the effects of various foods and beverages, it is a good idea to at least rinse the mouth with water after meals and snacks. If possible, teeth are ideally kept whiter with after-meal brushing.
  • Certain types of medications can leave teeth looking dull or otherwise discoloured. By talking with your dentist about medications, you can devise a plan to keep your smile looking healthy and beautiful. Also, teeth whitening may not be the ideal remedy for discolouration caused by medication. For this reason, it is important to seek professional treatment rather than trying to whiten teeth at home with a commercial product.
  • Age has been assessed in many different ways, the smile being one of them. Dull, yellow teeth do give the appearance of age. The older we get, the more enamel may wear away and, as a natural result, teeth look less brilliant.
  • Hygiene plays an important role in oral health as well as in the appearance of the smile. We encourage our patients to brush two times a day for at least two minutes. At night or when most convenient, flossing is also a must. Healthy hygiene habits are the most effective method of preventing plaque buildup and the problems that follow.

Injury to a tooth may result in damage to the nerve from which discolouration may originate.

Discolouration is a problem that most people encounter at some point. Your dentist at sherway dentistry in the Mississauga area has solutions to discolouration. While most patients achieve their desired result with teeth whitening treatment planned in our Etobicoke office, there are cases in which porcelain veneers may be more appropriate. The benefit of professional care is that you can quickly identify the path that will lead you straight to your desired smile.

If you live in the Etobicoke or Mississauga area, call our office today.

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