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For optimal results, discuss tooth whitening with your dentist near Mississauga and Etobicoke, ON

The process of removing stains from teeth has been perfected through hundreds of years of trial and error, and we are fortunate to reap the benefits of today's high level of care. Hundreds of patients visit sherway dentistry for solutions to cosmetic concerns like discolouration. Many of them try to revive their smile with a home whitening remedy such as whitening paste or strips, only to be disappointed with the results.

If you have tried tooth whitening on your own with no luck, it's not your teeth or the severity of stains, it could very well be the method that was used. To see how your smile can really shine, visit our Etobicoke office. We are just a short distance away from Mississauga and Etobicoke, ON.

Teeth whitening tailored to your needs

We are pleased to provide teeth whitening treatment here in our office, as well as a customized solution for whitening at home. Each method has advantages, but neither is more effective than the other. Patients who choose to whiten their teeth gradually with our home whitening kit will see dramatic changes in their smiles. The only difference is that they see it over a week or two rather than in just one visit.

Our in-office Zoom! Professional Whitening treatment takes about an hour to break up stains with powerful bleach molecules, which are activated with light. This expedited process is ideal for individuals whose schedules do not permit them to perform a daily treatment at home. In-office treatments are also great before an important event. This method can also be combined with at-home whitening to address significant discolouration.

One of the benefits of whitening teeth at home with our gentle bleach solution is that sensitivity can be better controlled. Patients who already know they have sensitive teeth may prefer this option. In some cases, sensitivity is simply the result of whitening, which opens the pores of enamel, increasing the effect of stimuli on soft dentin. Working with your dentist, this issue can be managed and you can achieve the bright, dazzling smile you want.

Feel better about your smile! Contact sherway dentistry at 416.639.2546 to discuss your options for teeth whitening.

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