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Reasons for Whitening with Your Dentist in Etobicoke

The smile says many things. When teeth are bright and attractive, the smile indicates health and vitality, friendliness and sincerity, and more. When teeth are yellow and stained, the smile says things we may not like. In some cases, teeth seem to be naturally a darker colour. For millions of people, however, discolouration is the result of common foods and beverages consumed on a regular basis. Whatever the reason for discolouration, professional whitening from your skilled dentist in Etobicoke can produce the brighter smile you desire.

The team at Sherway Dentistry provides patients with results they love. Many of those who seek professional teeth whitening have attempted to lighten their smiles using home treatments or commercial products with unsatisfactory results. When a brighter smile is what you want, teeth whitening treatment using the right product matters. Patients of Sherway Dentistry achieve bright, beautiful smiles using one of our convenient, effective Zoom! Whitening systems.

We believe that outstanding results come from proven solutions, and we are committed to helping our patients feel great about their smiles. Teeth whitening services with Zoom! are not only available as an in-office procedure. Today, there are three different Zoom! systems that can efficiently, conveniently, and safely brighten the smile.

The power bleaching treatment conducted in our office takes about an hour and is perfect for the individual who does not want to wait another day to see a stunning smile. The in-office Zoom! procedure involves the application of whitening gel onto the teeth and activation with special light. The mild bleach solution remains on the teeth for several minutes. If a lighter shade is desired, this process can be repeated several times.

For those who want to lift stains in an efficient, affordable manner, home whitening with the right Zoom! product makes a world of difference in the appearance of the smile. Zoom! has whitening systems for home use, one of which is designed for daytime wear and the other designed to wear at night while you sleep.

Your dentist has the answer to your smile concerns. To learn more about how you can improve the appearance of your smile, call 416.639.2546.

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