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Are you waiting for the perfect time to see a dentist? That time has come! Act fast and take advantage of these limited time special offers from sherway dentistry.

Year End Insurance Benefits: Use it, or Lose it.

Year End Insurance Benefits

You have earned your insurance, so why not use it? The end of 2017 is quickly approaching, so we continue to encourage our patients to use their insurance before it starts over in the new year. There are several reasons to do this, but the most important one is that using your insurance is a good way to ensure you are maintaining or improving your oral health.

Using Your Benefits Saves You Money
Using your dental benefits before the end of the year can save you hundreds of dollars down the road. Most insurance plans run on a calendar cycle, meaning they will ultimately begin again on the first day of every new year. To save time and money, see which treatments or services you can accomplish this year with the benefits you have left. Doing this ensures that you get the necessary work done and that you won't have to pay out-of-pocket for those services next year.

Your Insurance Plan Has a Yearly Maximum
Dental insurance plans typically have a yearly maximum, this is the amount that your dental insurance plan agrees to pay on your behalf each year that you are enrolled with their plan. Many have a maximum that is covered by the plan which will covered an individual, their children or spouse – but this varies by insurance company. When you have left over benefits, they do not roll-over to the next year. The best thing you can do is plan ahead, and see what should be done with your remaining benefits before the new year.

You Are Already Paying Premiums
Premiums are typically charged on a month-to-month basis which is yet another reason to be aware of your yearly maximum and what you have left to use. If you don't believe you need any dental treatment, consider starting a regular check-up regimen. This is a great way to stay on track of your oral health and your insurance.

Your Plan Has Yearly Deductibles
As you are likely already painfully aware, most insurance companies require a deductible to be paid before they will cover any services. Although deductibles vary between companies and plans, you can be sure that when the new year begins your deductible will renew.

Small Dental Problems Often Worsen
If it's not true about everything in life, it's true in dentistry. Small problem often get worse. We encourage you to use your remaining insurance to do what you can for the treatment you need now. Although it may not seem like an issue, small problems in your mouth now can mean huge issues down the road. A small bill today may just keep you from a huge bill in the new year.

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Play Hard and Keep Teeth with A Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard Banner

sherway dentistry supports our patients in sports who work hard to maintain their smile with a $35 Sports Mouth Guard.

Simply call to book an appointment at our Etobicoke office and ask to take advantage of the $35 Sports Mouth Guard promotion.

Wondering if this promotion is right for you? We believe that anyone who is playing a high velocity or impact sport should be wearing a mouth guard. If that describes you, then you likely should have a personally fitted sports mouth guard.
  • $35 personalized mouth guard and case
  • $30 each for team of 3 or more
  • You do not have to be a current patient or a specific age to take advantage
  • Payment is due when impressions are taken for the personalized mouth guard
  • Each mouth guard is made in office with Proform material
When we're finished, you'll receive a fully personalized sports mouth guard that will protect your teeth while reducing the risks of sport related injuries such as concussions.

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Special Offers Etobicoke - Free Whitening for all Patients

For Taking the Time to Take Care of Your Teeth

Sherway Dentistry says "thank you" for caring about your smile, with a Free Whitening Program for All Patients.

Simply keep routine recall appointments and maintain your account in good standing (avoid past due balances) to qualify.

Maintain your oral health by having routine hygiene appointments
at least twice a year
  • New patients must have a complete exam, x-rays & cleaning
  • Existing patients need to have good oral health & no untreated tooth decay
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Follow office policies for cancelling & rescheduling (48 hours notice)
You’ll receive a free set of custom whitening trays and an initial supply of whitening gel.
With continued qualification, you get additional whitening gel at no charge every 6 months.

Smile healthy and smile bright with capable care from sherway dentistry.

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