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Preventive Care & Hygiene

Our first concern when you visit sherway dentistry is restoring optimal oral health, and correcting any cosmetic imperfections that you are unhappy with. Don’t think our job is done once you have a healthy, gorgeous smile. Preventive care is one of the most valuable services that we provide. We want to help you maintain your fabulous smile and radiant health for life. We provide a custom Gum Therapy plan, tailored to your individual needs, to restore gum health and slow the progression of disease, if present.

Hygienist appointments

Regular visits are recommended every six months for most patients, but they may be more or less frequent, depending on your unique needs. Our highly skilled licensed hygienist will provide individualized treatment based on your specific needs and preferences. These appointments include:
  • Cleaning – Using specially designed tools and gentle techniques, your hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from hard to reach areas, such as below the gum line, and in pits and fissures.
  • Polishing – This technique helps remove superficial stains and smooth the tooth surface, for a sparkling, bright smile.
  • Patient education – Don’t worry; we won’t lecture you. Instead, we will work with you, helping you develop a better understanding of your unique oral health needs, and effective hygiene habits. You are encouraged to ask questions, and discuss any oral health concerns that you may have.
  • Exam – If you think your teeth are healthy, you might not be very interested in a checkup. However, early detection of oral disease is the key to efficient, effective treatment. Although brushing and flossing are critical, oral health is complex, and problems can develop even in people with excellent habits. We use precision diagnostic technology, including digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, to detect potential problems in the earliest stages.

What can you do?

Your oral care team includes your dentist, hygienist, and other staff at your dental office. However, there is one more, very important member of that team – you. Never underestimate the importance of your own actions, habits, and choices. Since we can’t see you every single day, we will be happy to answer questions, teach you the most effective hygiene techniques, and advise you about healthy habits.

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