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A custom fit mouth guard from your dentist in Etobicoke and Mississauga does more than you think

More parents are learning of the immense benefits of custom-fit mouth guards during sporting activities. Whether your child plays football or basketball, is a wrestler or participates in martial arts, a mouth guard is as necessary as any other piece of equipment.

The primary purpose of the mouth guard made by your dentist in Etobicoke, near Mississauga, is to prevent injury to the teeth and jaw. According to research, additional benefits also exist – and these benefits may surprise you.

A well-made mouth guard, much like nasal strips, facilitates oxygenation by opening the airway. The better oxygen uptake during physical activity, the better endurance and performance become. Athletes who are getting adequate oxygen can sustain performance for longer periods and gain muscular strength.

In a study conducted by The Citadel's Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science, it was found that a custom-fit mouth guard has a direct effect on lactic acid. Lactic acid is one of the main substances responsible for muscle and physical fatigue during physical exertion. In the study, researchers investigated how wearing a mouth guard would affect levels of lactate within a thirty-minute period of exercise. Outcomes showed lower levels in athletes who wore a mouth guard compared to those who didn't.

It is important to recognize that there are significant differences between store-bought mouth guards and those made by your dentist. The study performed at The Citadel involved custom-fit mouth guards only. The protective gear designed by a dentist fits snug around a player's teeth and jaw structure without the bulk associated with boil-and-bite products. In many cases, parents and coaches report a lack of compliance when the mouth guard is bulky and uncomfortable. In addition to these discomforts, the off-the-shelf mouth guard often makes it more difficult to breathe.

At sherway dentistry, we give every patient the personal attention they need to maintain healthy, undamaged teeth. Our standard of care has led us to develop comfortable, custom-fit mouth guards. If your child participates in any kind of sport, protection with a comfortable, discreet mouth guard is a must.

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