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Crowns and Bridge

Dental Crowns & Bridges

We offer a broad range of cosmetic and restorative treatments here at sherway dentistry. Crowns and bridges can improve oral health as well as the appearance of your smile in just a few office visits. From filling a gap in your smile to the protection of a tooth after root canal treatment, we have a beautiful solution that suits your needs.

About dental crowns

A dental crown, sometimes called a "cap," is fitted over a tooth covering every exposed surface. It may be used to restore the size and shape of a damaged tooth or to protect one with a compromised structure.

The benefits of a dental crown include:
  • Repair a decayed or broken tooth
  • Correct a misshapen or disproportionate tooth
  • Restore the appearance of a tooth
  • Correct cosmetic flaws

About dental bridges

A bridge is a fixed restoration that replaces one or more teeth. It utilizes dental crowns to support the false tooth or teeth. Because a bridge is a single unit, the process is streamlined and convenient, very similar to that of a dental crown. The benefits of a dental bridge include:
  • Restore chewing efficiency
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting toward the space
  • Eliminate gaps in your smile

The crown and bridge procedure

The procedure consists of a few simple steps:
  • First, a consultation to discuss what option may be best suited for your needs. Once decided, the crown/bridge is designed
  • Next, the tooth is prepared for optimal crown retention and a temporary restoration is added.
  • You will then come in for a follow-up when your new crown/bridge is ready.
  • At your final visit, we will confirm the appearance and fit of the restoration, then cement it in place.
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