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Preserve your natural teeth with dental crowns treatment in Etobicoke, ON

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Preserve Your Natural Teeth with Dental Crowns Treatment in Etobicoke, ON Area

Tooth decay and infections can destroy your teeth, and unfortunately, your teeth can't heal. Dental crowns are a versatile treatment that allows dentists to prevent tooth loss and preserve the natural structure of your jaw. The dental team at Sherway Dentistry, in Etobicoke, ON, offers porcelain crowns that blend in with your natural teeth for a natural-looking restoration you can show off with every smile.

Using dental crowns to protect your teeth

Dental crowns are designed to cover the entire visible portion of your tooth like a cap, and they are bonded into place to seal out bacteria. Dental crowns can be used to protect your teeth damaged from trauma or decay or improve your smile's appearance. Your dentist may recommend a crown to support a tooth after a root canal or use one to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant.

Porcelain crowns are sturdy and mimic the natural shine of your teeth, and once in place, you can eat, speak, and smile just like you would with your natural tooth. They can last for over 20 years with proper care, and they can be cleaned using your normal brushing and flossing routine.

Preparing for a dental crown

The first step in the process of any restoration is to treat the underlying health issues. Your dentist will remove tooth decay and clear out the infection, and the procedure is entirely painless using a local anesthetic. During the procedure, they may use a dental filling to build up your tooth's structure to better support the crown. Once your oral health is restored, they will prepare your tooth for the crown by reshaping it and removing the outer layer of enamel to make space for the crown. Next, they will take an impression of the site with dental bonding and send it to the lab, where they will create your crown. In the meantime, they'll place a temporary crown to protect your tooth. The temporary crown is not as sturdy as your permanent one, and your dentist will discuss the best ways to chew and clean your tooth to prevent issues.

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Once your permanent crown is ready, you'll return to the office to check the fit and have it bonded into place. The dentists at Sherway Dentistry are committed to working with you to protect your teeth and prevent further issuers in the future, and they will help you build better habits. To learn more about dental crowns, contact our office in Etobicoke, ON, today at 416.639.2546 and schedule your appointment.

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