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iTero Dental Scanners With Patient

Etobicoke, ON area dentist describes iTero Dental Scanners

iTero MachinePatients in and around Etobicoke ON who are interested in innovative dental care solutions are encouraged to visit their dental team to discuss the advantages of using the iTero dental scanner. There have been many advances in dental technology that are being used today by dentists across the world. At Sherway Dentistry, Dr. Shefali Tuli and Dr. Mislav Pavelic are here to provide state-of-the-art solutions for you and your smile!

What are iTero dental scanners?

iTero dental scanners are amazing options available to dentists today, eliminating the need for traditional impression trays. The iTero scanner is a diagnostic tool that is used to get a three-dimensional view of your smile quickly and easily with optimal accuracy. This tool brings oral hygiene and patient education to a completely new level. It allows the patient to see their teeth and gums, so they can pinpoint areas of concern with their dental team. This allows patients to see the problem areas and move forward with treatment.

Within three to five minutes, patients get a view of their smile and can see both dental arches in a three-dimensional image. This eliminates the need for old-school impressions and molds often used to highlight the areas where issues are present. This scanner can also provide visuals for finalized treatments - like Invisalign.

Taking and leaving a great impression – the iTero scanner is now
at Sherway Dentistry!

Benefits of iTero dental scanners explainer Video

Impressions take on an all-new level of accuracy and efficiency with the iTero 3D dental scanner. Its versatility and engineering is an ideal tool in a dental professional’s clinic to revolutionize the generating of impression for patients of all ages.

Every smile tells a story and every story creates an impression.
That's why we've invested in the latest digital imaging technology.
In just a couple of minutes our itero element scanner can capture an incredibly accurate digital impression of your teeth.

Once complete, we can use this model to begin the journey to the smile you've always wanted and deserve.

The 3D digital impression can be used with all Invisalign related services, including the Invisalign Outcome Simulator that will show you what your new smile might look like. Say goodbye to the gooey mess associated with the traditional way of taking impressions.

And stay alone to a more comfortable procedure. Itero element scanner and our practice working together to create a lasting first impression for you and your smile.

Benefits of iTero dental scanners

Using this three-dimensional scanner provides many benefits.
  • Patients can see their smile and better understand their treatment
  • Precision photos for the dentist to use throughout diagnosis and treatment
  • Photographs within minutes without pain and discomfort
  • Eliminates conventional molds

Interested in quality dental care?

Visit Sherway Dentistry today to speak to our team of professionals about integrating iTero dental scanners into your treatment plan. Call to book your next appointment at 416.639.2546 or visit our office in person on the third floor of 190 Sherway Drive.

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