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What Should You Know About the iTero Dental Scanner?

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iTero Scanner in Etobicoke ON Area

The first iTero scanner was launched in 2005. It is an intra-oral scanner used in orthodontics offices. Its primary task is to create accurate imaging to produce Invisalign aligners. The scanner accurately scans the teeth for a detailed orthodontic assessment. If you are looking for the iTero Scanner in Etobicoke and need more information about it, here is what you should know about this scanner:

It Is Used for Annual Health Scans

The iTero scanner is used to evaluate patients regularly to monitor changes that occur in the smile over time for many different conditions, including dental recession, cavities, and shifting teeth.

It Creates Accurate Digital Impressions

WIth the iTero scanner, our team can create digital impressions which are sent directly to the laboratory for the fabrication of crowns and bridges. These replace traditional impressions. Our patients prefer the simplicity, accuracy, and comfort of digital impressions over traditional soft mould impressions.

It Provides Immediate Feedback

One of the main benefits of the iTero scanner is that it provides immediate feedback, which saves orthodontists and patients time and frustration. It provides instant delivery of the imaging to Invisalign, which saves weeks of wait time.

It Improves the Patient Experience

Orthodontists can scan their patients' teeth with the iTero scanner and then show them how their treatment will look. This unique and advanced technology allows patients to know what to expect and feel more confident with the suggested treatment plan.

It Helps Aligners, Crowns, and Bridges Fit Better

According to the results of one of the recent studies, in which over 400,000 Invisalign cases were analyzed, digital impression Invisalign cases reported seven times fewer problems with the way Invisalign fit.

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It Creates a Precise Digital Image

The iTero scanner is capable of capturing thousands of laser points per second, which helps create a very precise digital image of the entire mouth.

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