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Nitrous Gas

At sherway dentistry, we believe in providing quality care with convenient solutions for those in and around the area of Etobicoke and Mississauga, Ontario. We know that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for many patients. Anxiety may keep patients from receiving the treatments they require for a healthier smile. Instead, we encourage patients to visit our practice, where they can obtain comprehensive dental care in conjunction with Nitrous Gas.

Nitrous Gas is a method of relaxation that can provide patients with a positive experience at the dental office regardless of the procedure they will undergo.

Nitrous Gas is commonly referred to as laughing gas which provides a mild form of sedation. The gas is administered through a mask on the nose that provides almost instant relaxation. Nitrous gas is followed by the administration of oxygen to neutralize the gas and eliminate any lingering effects. We want our patients to be relaxed and comfortable in our dental office at all times, even if they have a history of dental anxieties before!

Nitrous gas can be used for patients of all ages. It can help not only with dental anxieties, but can allow patients to complete more complex services in fewer appointments. It is also beneficial for claustrophobic patients or those with a strong gag reflex, which can make dental visits incredibly uncomfortable.

If you reside in the area of Etobicoke and Mississauga, Ontario and want to speak with a dental professional in regards to integrating nitrous gas into your next dental visit, contact the team of sherway dentistry today at 416-639-2546. Our front office team welcomes new and existing patients ready to achieve the smile of their dreams while also eliminating dental fears which may be inhibiting them from seeking treatment.
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