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Preventive dental care and support from your Etobicoke dentist reduces your risk of tooth pain

One of the primary reasons patients schedule dental appointments is because they have a toothache. At Sherway Dentistry, we consider partnership with each patient a valuable aspect of preventive care. In addition to keeping our number nearby in case of an urgent dental need, we encourage patients from Etobicoke, Mississauga and surrounding areas to see us before there is a pressing need for tooth repair.

Many of the problems requiring urgent dental treatment are preventable. Our team discusses habits and precautions based on individual need.
  • Routine dental care assesses individual teeth for the earliest possible indication of cavities. The outermost layer of teeth, enamel, is the strongest material in the mouth. Beneath this layer, structures are softer and more vulnerable to damage. Catching cavities before bacteria move past enamel can prevent deep infection, pain, and possibly, the need for root canal therapy.

  • Daily habits are crucial to oral health. What you eat and drink, as well as, how you brush factor in to your risk for oral disease. We do not judge. Rather, we support you through the provision of quality care and information that will power your hygiene regimen and help you avoid future problems.

  • Your dental team can determine any secondary risks that may affect your oral health. Tooth grinding and clenching can wear down enamel over time. This habit also places excessive stress on the temporomandibular joints. Contact sports, as well, pose a risk for injury. Each of these risks can be diminished with a customized mouth guard or night guard. Ask us today about what option suits your needs.

  • Getting to know your unique history and needs, your dentist can design care in the precise manner to support oral health. For instance, certain health conditions, medications, and other factors can cause issues; such as dry mouth. Other circumstances may increase your risk for gum disease.
At Sherway Dentistry, you and your family receive custom care revolving around your needs. Our friendly team places priority on keeping you comfortable. In addition to preventive services, we also perform restorative treatment as needed to preserve natural tooth structure. Give your smile what it needs. Contact Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke today.

Stay current with preventive dental care at Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke and improve your chances at avoiding severe tooth pain. Call 416-639-2546 today.

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