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Wisdom Teeth

The sherway dentistry team's precise and proactive care helps to relieve the pain and concerns about wisdom teeth.

What is so special about wisdom teeth?

It's estimated up to 85 percent of wisdom teeth will become impacted. Complications and symptoms caused by wisdom teeth can be:
  • Pain
  • Infection and cysts
  • Damage to nearby teeth, nerves, jawbone and sinuses
  • Tooth misalignment, decay and gum disease
Tooth decay and gum disease often result from crowding, because crowded teeth make it harder to maintain proper oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene is a threat to teeth, gums, and your overall health.

How can I prevent these complications from happening?

You've already made a good first step by finding sherway dentistry. Our dental team is equipped to handle both simple and complex wisdom teeth cases. Regular check-ups allow our doctors to monitor the development of wisdom teeth. Proactive care helps to prevent pain, complications and other problematic symptoms.

What red flags should I watch for?

Your face may be swollen, and gums look red and puffy. You may have bad breath and a foul taste in your mouth. Headaches and jaw pain may also be a sign you need dental treatment for an impacted wisdom tooth.

I'm worried about these symptoms. How can the doctors help me?

After the cause of your symptoms are confirmed, gentle techniques are used to remove the tooth. How the tooth is removed varies from patient to patient, due to factors like its stage of development and positioning.

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