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What to Expect from Wisdom Teeth Extraction Services

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Etobicoke area
The thought of having a tooth or several teeth removed probably doesn't fill you with joyful anticipation. You're not alone; however, sometimes, this process is necessary to ensure your overall oral health and comfort. Thankfully, Drs. Shefali Tuli and Mislav Pavelic are experienced dentists in the Etobicoke area who can make wisdom tooth extraction as stress-free as possible.

When Wisdom Teeth Extraction Becomes Necessary

There was a time when all dentists recommended removing wisdom teeth after a certain age. However, today, many feel that it may not always be necessary to remove these teeth unless they detect that they are causing problems or will likely create oral issues down the road. Here are a few reasons for having our wisdom teeth removed.
  • Your tooth or teeth are impacted (meaning they are trapped in your gums or jawbone).
  • If the tooth or teeth are growing at the wrong angle. That causes them to press against other teeth and can also damage your jawbone, nerves, and sinuses.
  • Your dentist tells you that your mouth isn't big enough to accommodate the extra set of molars.
  • Your wisdom teeth are infected or causing cysts.
  • If you are diagnosed with cavities, it may be that you are not able to properly reach your wisdom teeth with a toothbrush or dental floss.
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Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Problems

Here are several symptoms that may indicate it's time to have your wisdom teeth taken out.
  • Pain: You may experience pain either locally or throughout your jawbone.
  • Swelling: Bad wisdom teeth can cause your face to swell and your gums to become red and puffy
  • Bad breath and a terrible taste in your mouth could indicate an infection
If you are experiencing these symptoms, it's crucial to contact a dentist as soon as possible without delay.

Finding Relief

Finding an excellent dentist to remove your wisdom teeth shouldn't feel like pulling teeth. Give the Sherway Dentistry team a call at 416.639.2546 and make an appointment with either Drs. Shefali Tuli or Mislav Pavelic today. Their office is located at 190 Sherway Dr. Suite 302 (on the third floor), Etobicoke, ON.

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