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Find a dentist for gum disease treatment in Etobicoke

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Find a Dentist for Gum Disease Treatment in Etobicoke Area

Gum disease is preventable with good oral hygiene and routine dental visits, but it is still the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, and nearly half of adults are dealing with some stage of gum infection. The dental team at Sherway Dentistry offers patients in the Etobicoke area periodontal care for patients in any stage of gum disease to protect their teeth and restore their oral health.

The progression of gum disease

Gum disease is caused by bacteria in your mouth. As they feed, they produce toxins that irritate your gums, causing them to swell and pull away from your teeth. In the earliest stage, known as gingivitis, you may notice red or tender gums, as well as some bleeding when you floss or brush your teeth. As your gums recede from your tooth root, bacteria cause infections deeper in your gums, killing the tissues. Over time, tartar will form underneath your gum line, and it will protect the bacteria. This stage requires more intensive measures to clear the infection, and in the most advanced cases, you may need to have diseased tissues removed.

Pain, sensitivity, and bleeding in your mouth are not normal, and they are all signs of gum disease. The longer you wait to deal with it, the more extensive the damage will be. The dental team at Sherway Dentistry screen every patient for periodontal issues during every routine cleaning and exam, and we will form a treatment plan to clear the infection as soon as possible.

Treating gum disease

The first step to managing infection in your gums is a deep cleaning to remove the tartar and plaque from below your gum line and flush out the bacteria. Our team can then polish the teeth to discourage bacteria from attaching to the surface and apply antibacterial medications to clear the infection. Your dentist will also suggest changes in your hygiene routine and diet to prevent further issues and recommend more frequent dental checkups until the problem is under control.

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Our team strives to provide the most conservative and effective treatments so you can keep your teeth healthy and clean and avoid surgery whenever possible. However, it is up to you to be committed to better habits and maintain your appointments to prevent tooth loss and painful infections. We are here to support all our patients with compassion and education so you can spot the early warning signs and intervene before the damage is permanent. Contact our office in Etobicoke today at 416.639.2546 to schedule your appointment and get your oral health back on track. .

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