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Dental Treatment for Periodontal Disease

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Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Etobicoke ON Area

Periodontitis is a severe gum disorder that damages the soft tissue and could lead to tooth loss. Frequently, this results from inadequate oral care, which allows the build-up of plaque to harden on the teeth. The gum disease is preventable, provided proper oral hygiene and dental checkups are maintained regularly.

If you’re looking for treatment for periodontal disease in Etobicoke, Ontario, look no further. Sherway Dentistry offers dentistry customized to your needs.

What causes periodontal disease?

Knowing the symptoms is essential before seeking treatment. Periodontal disease is commonly caused by poor oral hygiene. As plaque builds up on the teeth and gums, it creates the perfect environment for the disease to thrive. Plaque and tartar build-up gets under the gums, and this causes the gums to recede, creating pockets where bacteria can reside. The gum tissue will pull away from the teeth until the root becomes exposed, which can eventually lead to loss of the tooth.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to check the severity and explain the periodontal treatment options.

Symptoms of periodontitis are:

  • Gums are swollen and red.
  • Gums are prone to bleed.
  • Blood when brushing or flossing teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Pain when chewing
  • Teeth feel loose in the gum
  • Gums recede, making teeth look longer than usual
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Periodontal treatment options

Treatment includes surgical and non-surgical dental methods.

Antibiotics for treating any infection. Dental scaling and planing help remove the tartar and plaque from the teeth – cleaning under the gums and between the teeth with special tools.


Flap surgery will expose the root and tooth shaft so that the dentist can do a “deeper” scaling treatment. Soft tissue grafting is a restorative gum tissue surgery that involves grafting the soft tissue that has receded.

How to prevent periodontitis?

Brush at least twice daily and flossing a minimum once a day. Changing your toothbrush every three months will help to clean your teeth even better. Most importantly, book a visit with your dentist a minimum of twice annually. It is imperative for deep cleaning that gets underneath the gums. Regular checkups will also catch any early problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Residents living in Etobicoke, Ontario and surrounding areas interested in finding out more about periodontal disease treatment, please make your booking with Dr. Shefali Tuli at Sherway Dentistry. You can reach us at 416.639.2546 to schedule a consultation.

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