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Custom fit sports mouthguards protect Etobicoke athletes’ smiles

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Custom Fit Sports Mouthguards Protect Etobicoke Area Athletes’ Smiles

Playing sports is a terrific way to forge friendships, learn important life skills, and get physical exercise. In many sports, protective gear such as pads or helmets are required – but did you know that a mouth guard is also just as important? At Sherway Dentistry, we provide Etobicoke area athletes of all ages custom-fit mouth guards to protect their smiles and prevent injuries.

Why use a mouth guard?

Sports mouth guards are designed to protect athletes’ teeth and gums from a wide array of injuries, such as:
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Gum, tongue, or lip lacerations
  • Loose or knocked out teeth
  • Jaw injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems
In addition, studies have shown that mouth guards can also help reduce the chances of suffering from a concussion, likely because the mouth guard reduces the amount of shock transferred to the skull and keeps your head and neck in better alignment.

Benefits of a custom-fit mouth guard

While it can be easy to pick up a “boil-and-bite” mouth guard at a local store or online, these mouth guards are inferior to custom-made mouth guards from your dentist for a variety of reasons.
  • Comfort: when your child finds their mouth guard uncomfortable, they are less likely to wear it at all times while playing sports; a custom-fitting mouth guard is not only more comfortable, but also easier to breathe and speak with than an over-the-counter option
  • Effectiveness: a professionally made mouth guard offers superior protection, with the ideal thickness and extension necessary to prevent injuries
  • Customizable: you or your child can show your team spirit by customizing the colors of the mouth guard to match your team’s
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We use the Pro-Form™ mouthguard laminate, which is considered a leader in the industry, to create your customized mouth guard. It consists of two layers of soft EVA, which has excellent tensile strength, to protect your mouth. The cost of the mouth guard is up to 20 times less than the cost of treating dental injury, and the peace of mind it can provide is priceless.

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