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Saving face: Custom Proform Sports Mouthguards from Etobicoke, ON dentists

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Childern Participates in Athletic Activity

Your child probably participates in some athletic activity – an organized sport or simply riding a bicycle or skateboard. Each year, Canadian kids lose thousands of teeth participating in physical activities and sports. A custom ProForm sports mouthguard from sherway dentistry in Etobicoke, ON can help protect your child's smile. Here are some tips for getting your child to wear a custom sports mouthguard.

Make it fun!

Getting a child on-board can be as simple as making the experience a good time:

  • Illustrate the benefits – Encourage your child to talk about how a damaged tooth or mouth might feel. Would he or she be embarrassed about smiling with a noticeable gap?
  • Get excited – Our ProForm sports mouthguards are made custom to your child's mouth, with countless colour combinations available.
  • Explain the procedure – Reassure your child that the treatment is painless, with no needles involved. The dentist simply makes an impression of the mouth using a gooey material. It takes only a few minutes.
  • Set a good example – Mouth protection isn't just for kids. Wear a custom sports mouthguard when you participate in sports or physical activities. Your child will witness the commitment to oral health, and see that you can breathe speak with the device in place.
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