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Emergency Dental

Emergency Dental Etobicoke - Dental Emergency contact details

Emergency Dentistry

If you've ever visited sherway dentistry, you know that you are treated with kindness and compassion during your visit. This is more than just good customer service. We actually care, and we don't quit caring when you leave the office. We are here for you when you need us. Our office is open on Saturdays and in the evenings and we see emergency patients whenever possible. Please call us to book an appointment.

Our first priority is to make you comfortable, and relieve any pain that you are feeling. Once that has been accomplished, our next priority is to solve the problem and prevent it from recurring. Sometimes we can provide the final treatment during your visit. However, if treatment is too complex to be completed right then, we will provide temporary restorations or other short-term solutions, to keep you smiling until the treatment plan has been completed. We are able to handle a broad range of emergencies, as our team includes an orthodontist, periodontist, and denturist.

First Aid for Dental Emergencies

In an emergency situation, call our office right away. We are conveniently located in Etobicoke, serving communities throughout the area. Here are some tips on minimizing the damage, and your discomfort, until you get to our office:
  • Cracked or broken tooth - Gently rinse with tepid water, and be sure you save any pieces of tooth broken off.
  • Knocked-out tooth - Gently rinse out your mouth, and rinse off the tooth, using tepid water. Take care that you do not touch or dislodge any tissue that is attached to the tooth. Attempt to place it back in the socket, but don't use force. Alternatively, cover it with milk in a small, clean container. See a dentist ASAP, because the window of opportunity for reattachment is narrow.
  • Dislodged dental restoration - You may be able to temporarily secure it with sugar-free gum or denture adhesive. Even if it won't go back in place, bring the lost piece with you to our office.
  • Pain - Oral pain medication should always be used according to directions; never place a pill against the gum tissue or take more than the recommended dosage. Products that contain aspirin should be avoided if there is significant bleeding. You can use clove oil as a gentle topical medication to reduce pain.
  • Swelling - An external cold compress can help control swelling. Be sure to wrap a towel around ice to avoid potential skin damage.
Don't forget to add us to your cell phone contacts in case of emergency: sherway dentistry, 416.639.2546

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