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Your Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Etobicoke offers gentle care for toothaches

Tooth pain can very quickly steal the smile right off your child's face. While a toothache may not fit your idea of a dental emergency, there are many who visit their pediatric dentist in Etobicoke for just that reason.

Dr. Tuli and the sherway dentistry team attend to little smiles with the utmost care. Nothing would make us happier than to see our patients enjoy continued oral health and comfort. When it comes to cavity prevention, teaming with your dentist is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Routine dental care is designed to assess the condition of teeth and gums. For kids, we may also recommend specific treatment like dental sealants to further protect teeth from the accumulation of food debris and bacteria.

When cavities do develop, their progression can be very quick. We encourage our patients to recognize the signs of tooth decay. For parents,this task may be somewhat difficult because kids do not always communicate that pain exists until it becomes very noticeable. Early decay may make itself known through mild sensitivity. If your child makes a grimaced face when he or she eats or drinks something very warm or cold, you can be fairly certain that one or more teeth are sensitive and need to be examined.

Tooth sensitivity is not an urgent situation. What comes next, however, could be. Scheduling dental care at the first sign of sensitivity can help your child avoid a very painful toothache down the road. Whether a baby tooth or a permanent tooth, the need for cavity repair is there and should not be ignored.

Sensitivity typically occurs when the hard outer shell of enamel has been weakened by decay. If not addressed quickly, the area of damage will grow. The materials that make up the inner part of a tooth are softer than the protective layer of enamel and will allow bacteria to move more quickly. Due to the softness of dentin and the proximity of this material to the nerves of a tooth, pain can suddenly become excruciating, something you want to avoid.

At sherway dentistry, we make the time to address your child's urgent dental needs. If you are currently dealing with a toothache, contact our office at 416.639.2546. Your oral health and comfort are our priority.

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