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Your family benefits from cosmetic dentistry techniques in Mississauga

When most people think of family dentistry, they imagine routine check-ups, cleanings, and maybe a bit of repair every now and then. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is something considered purely aesthetic in nature; teeth whitening or beautiful porcelain veneers. In our family dental practice, we merge restorative and cosmetic dentistry to give patients from the Mississauga and Etobicoke areas natural looking results they love.

One of the most common types of work performed in most dental offices is a standard filling. For the past 150 years, the conventional method of repairing teeth damaged by tooth decay was to gently remove damaged enamel and fill the space with dental amalgam. This method is still in use today. However well amalgam may repair teeth, it does not meet most patients' demands for natural looking restorations.

We live in a time when appearance is incredibly important. It is common for people of all ages to snap photos or to be caught by someone else's camera for social media postings. Adults are taking advantage of numerous ways to minimize the signs of aging. For these and other reasons, dentists must consider how to preserve healthy, attractive smiles.

How restorative care can be cosmetic

Patients who visit our friendly family dental practice receive a personal level of care through which we seek to meet the needs for restorations as well as the needs for natural beauty. One of the ways we do this is by repairing teeth with tooth-coloured fillings.

A tooth-coloured filling consists of composite resin material. This mixture of resin and glass mimics natural enamel in many ways. After placing the putty-like material into the tooth, shaping and trimming is done to perfect the fit. Once the final product is polished, the tooth looks no different than it ever did.

In addition to appearance, composite is also similar to enamel in the way that it responds to temperature changes in the mouth. The result of comparable expansion and contraction is a longer lasting, less risky restoration.

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