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Patients ask about the effectiveness of Invisalign

Drs. Shefali Tuli and Mislav Pavelic of Sherway Dentistry help patients understand the many ways in which they can achieve a more beautiful smile. Straightening the teeth is a cosmetic treatment that many patients want to consider to improve their smiles when misalignment is a concern. Crooked teeth or teeth that are spaced apart can negatively impact the appearance of the smile and make patients feel self-conscious. They may hide their smile behind their hands when they talk or laugh with others because they are embarrassed about how they look.

The team at Sherway Dentistry is proud to offer two methods of orthodontia including Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. While Six Month Smiles provides fast results with tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets, they are suited for patients who need to address just the teeth near the front of the mouth called the "anterior teeth. "Moderate malocclusion may require another solution called Invisalign.

Treatments such as Invisalign are growing in popularity as patients are realizing how amazing they are at achieving better alignment. This method uses aligner trays made of medical-grade plastics, which are strong and smooth. They are clear, so they are very discreet. This is a great way to improve the smile without having to cover it with metal brackets and wires.

When patients comply with treatment, they will notice fast, amazing results in just a few months with Invisalign. Most patients with mild to moderate malocclusion can achieve results in less than a year. Another benefit of Invisalign is the ability to improve the bite as well as the alignment of the teeth. Bite alignment cannot be achieved with alternatives such as Six Month Smiles. Compliance is essential to Invisalign working as expected.

If you are interested in finding out more about Invisalign treatment at your local dental practice, contact Drs. Shefali Tuli and Mislav Pavelic today to schedule a complimentary consultation at 416.639.2546.

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