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Discover the Results and Benefits of Clear Braces in Mississauga

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What Are The Results and Benefits of Clear Braces in Mississauga Area
Traditional metal braces used to be considered a way to straighten children's crooked teeth. Today, invisible clear aligners straighten the teeth of both children and adults. Invisalign introduced its first clear aligners a couple of decades ago. They recently improved the original aligners to help even more patients achieve the benefits of Invisalign results.

Are you or your loved one looking for clear braces in the Mississauga area? Dr. Shefali Tuli at Sherway Dentistry is recognized as an Invisalign Platinum Provider and invites prospective patients to learn more about Invisalign and the benefits of clear aligners.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are clear braces that eliminate the need for the bulky, painful braces that many people likely remember from their childhood. There are no silver-coloured, unpleasant wires or brackets to be embarrassed about and no worries about stares from people that see your braces.

Adults and teenagers are not too old for Invisalign and often find that Invisalign results are the perfect solution to their oral health needs.

Invisalign Benefits and Results

There are several benefits of the clear aligners, including:
  • Restores self-confidence and smile
  • Straightens crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Corrects bite issues
  • It helps to improve the function of the jawline
  • Restores the natural-looking appearance of the teeth
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Clear braces are more hygienic compared to traditional braces and can be removed for cleaning. They are also likely more comfortable than other types of braces. The person that chooses Invisalign does not have to worry about being limited to eating only certain foods. Another result of Invisalign is that there are fewer orthodontist visits. Other types of braces typically require regular adjustments. Patients don't have to visit the dentist every six weeks to adjust their braces when choosing Invisalign.

Choose Invisalign to reduce the risk of further issues with your teeth and avoid long-term oral health complications.

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