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Invisible Aligners are Ideal for Various Teeth Misalignment Issues in Etobicoke, ON

You may be aware that your smile is misaligned. At the same time, you may be procrastinating in getting the treatment you need to improve the alignment of your teeth. The most concerning part of orthodontic treatment is wondering if your teeth will need to be covered with metal brackets in order to achieve your goals. Many of our patients are happy to learn that invisible aligners are great for a variety of teeth misalignment issues. If you live in or near Etobicoke, ON, visit Sherway Dentistry to see how invisible aligners can correct your concerns.


If a person has an overbite, his or her upper teeth jut out in front of the lower teeth in an exaggerated manner. There are several reasons for the development of an overbite. Perhaps there is a genetic predisposition, or poor oral habits existed when the jaw was developing. When an overbite exists, the lower teeth may endure excessive wear and the joints that facilitate movement in the jaw may be unduly stressed, leading to discomfort. Correction of an overbite is recommended for sustained oral health, function, beauty, and comfort.


An underbite is the opposite of an overbite, causing the lower teeth to position in front of the upper teeth. This orthodontic issue may be the result of too little growth in the upper jaw and too much in the lower. Like an overbite, an underbite can cause jaw problems and excessive wear.


A crossbite results in upper teeth at the outer corners falling inside of lower teeth when biting down. The excessive wear of the crossbite will cause teeth to wear down prematurely. This issue also increases the risk of periodontal disease if not corrected.

Open bite

An open bite causes the upper and lower teeth to not meet when biting down. When there is space between the upper and lower teeth, the temporomandibular joints in the jaw may become dysfunctional. Invisible braces are not just for cosmetic issues. The skilled dentists at Sherway Dentistry can help you correct misalignment and improve your satisfaction with your appearance using innovative treatment systems. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for comfortable, discreet orthodontic care.

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