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Dental team in the Mississauga and Etobicoke area compare Invisalign to traditional metal braces and other alternatives

Many people desire a straight and healthy smile. Unfortunately misalignment, crowding, and bite issues can make them feel self-conscious about their appearance and oral health. The team at sherway dentistry offers innovative treatments such as Invisalign to improve the health and beauty of smiles.

A leading alternative

Our office is happy to compare Invisalign to traditional metal braces to help patients make the right decisions for their lifestyle and smile goals. Both Invisalign and traditional metal braces effectively treat crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite and straighten the teeth. However, Invisalign is highly sought after by teenagers and adults because it stands out from traditional braces in many ways. The Invisalign treatment system involves aligner trays that:
  • Are clear and virtually unnoticeable when speaking and smiling
  • Can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, flossing, and special occasions such as weddings and reunions
  • Are made of a comfortable plastic that will not cut the gums like traditional metal brackets and wires can
  • Can deliver straighter smiles in about 6 - 18 months (case depending)
Invisalign treatment involves dental visits every four to six weeks, less than the requirement for many traditional metal braces. There are many reasons Invisalign is the top clear aligner system available. Although other companies offer cheaper alternatives to Invisalign, no other products have demonstrated a comparable caliber of research and development such as attachment design and tooth movement speed. Invisalign delivers optimal results in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Exploring treatment

sherway dentistry would love to help you attain the smile you desire. For more information about Invisalign give us a call at 416-639-2546 and schedule a free Invisalign consultation today to see if its right for you!

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