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Tips for making your child’s first dental visit and subsequent care in our Etobicoke office positive

Of the various lessons children learn when they are very young, oral hygiene is one of the most valuable. The habits that children learn when they are young, as well as their attitude towards dental care, will set the stage for their level of oral health as they go through life. Many adults experience difficulty with dental care due to unpleasant visits in their childhood. The Sherway Dentistry team takes our role in your child’s attitude seriously and provides gentle care in a fun way that makes young patients feel comfortable.

Often, the best first dental visit for the child is to accompany a parent to our Etobicoke dental office. When children are just "along for the ride," they have no feelings of anxiety. When they see Mom or Dad receiving dental care without fear, they realize that the dentist is a caring individual and will feel far more comfortable when the time comes for them to sit in the dentist's chair. In fact, we may take a peek into a child's mouth while they sit on a parent's lap.

We understand that we may not be a child’s first dental provider and also that some children are inherently more apprehensive of new environments and experiences. We encourage parents to help their children feel positive about dental visits by:
  • Exhibiting a calm and confident attitude when taking a child to the dentist. Children feel their parents’ energy and will know whether or not to be scared without being told verbally. We are happy to meet family’s who drop by to introduce their child to our office and staff.
  • Avoiding words or talk that evokes fear. Children should not be told that their dentist will give them a shot or that dental treatment will hurt.
  • Speaking positively about the dentist so that a child can view this health care provider as someone who will care for their teeth.
  • Providing only the necessary details before dental visits and doing so in a positive tone. Sometimes, too much information can be overwhelming and scary. Our team has a long history of serving the needs of our younger patients, explaining what we are doing so that their experience is straightforward and even fun.
It is normal for children to feel a bit unsettled in new environments and with new people. Our assistants, hygienist, dentists, and even our reception team work together to enhance your family’s oral health. Schedule your dental visit at 416.639.2546.

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