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Never underestimate the importance of preventive dentistry for children in Etobicoke

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There is a common myth around the world that dentistry isn't an important part of healthcare for children, because primary teeth are temporary anyway. In reality, tooth decay is among the most common, and largely preventable, childhood diseases. Routine preventive care can help your child avoid painful toothaches, and help you avoid costly restorative treatments.

Facts about childhood oral disease

Contrary to popular belief, a cavity is not simply an eroded spot in tooth enamel. The visible pit in a tooth is a symptom of a disease called dental caries. As bacteria multiply, they create an acidic environment, which breaks down tooth enamel. The first sign is usually a single cavity, but without treatment it quickly becomes multiple cavities. Rampant decay can lead to pain, infection, and premature tooth loss.
  • According to Health Canada, nearly sixty percent of children will have at least one cavity by age eleven
  • The average number of cavities in children is two to three
  • Less than one third of children under the age of eleven have dental sealants

Why primary teeth matter

Although the first teeth are temporary, they will be with your child for several years. They serve as placeholders for adult teeth, helping to guide jaw and facial development. These teeth are also essential for a child learning to speak, sing, whistle, and chew food. Therefore, premature loss of these teeth can be detrimental to a child's development.

Keeping little smiles healthy

We are your partners in great oral health for the whole family. When you bring your children to sherway dentistry, we will offer guidance and advice along with cleanings, sealants, fluoride, and other preventive treatments. You are encouraged to ask any questions, from the best technique for brushing tiny teeth to healthy snack options. call us today at 416.639.2546!

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