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Kid friendly dental services in Etobicoke promote a lifetime of healthy habits

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Kid Friendly Dental Services in Etobicoke Area Promote a Lifetime of Healthy Habits
A study of around 50,000 families by researchers at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, found that most habits take root among children by the age of nine. Researchers discovered that if those habits and routines are rooted by this age, they remained consistent throughout high school. One of the “habits” that they looked at in their research was if children brushed their teeth consistently. The kid dental services of Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke support these efforts to develop healthy habits during children’s formative years when they’re more likely to make (and keep) them. Habits that promote good oral health also play an important role in overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life into adulthood.

Additionally, our team, led by Drs Shefali Tuli and Mislav Pavelic, appreciates that dental fear is acquired; it’s not a “congenital” condition. Large bodies of research have found how negative perceptions of the dentist in adulthood are rooted in negative past experiences during childhood. We at Sherway dentistry are committed to comfortable, friendly, non-judgmental care. Our office is designed with the types of amenities that you’d find at home, such as relaxing massage chairs, TVs in treatment areas, and even video games for kids to play while they wait. We’ve also invested in diagnostic and treatment technologies that minimize or eliminate many common sources of dental fear and anxiety. These technologies include safe, low-radiation digital X-rays that are also non-invasive and comfortable. Should your child need a little more help to stay calm and less fidgety at the dentist, nitrous oxide or laughing gas is perfectly safe for patients across the age spectrum.

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Early guidance on caring for children’s gums and teeth and on “tooth-friendly” food and drink options can go a long way to sustain oral health and prevent destructive early tooth loss. Be wary of juices that contain very little actual fruit but a lot of added sweeteners that damage developing teeth. We also offer an array of professional preventive services at our office. These services include dental sealants, which are safe, plastic coatings applied in liquid form and hardened to keep the back teeth clean and dry. Molars are hard to reach for proper cleaning and tend to attract food debris. We may recommend sealants as soon as the first molars come in, at around the age of six.

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