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Children's dentist offers Etobicoke families care that grows healthy smiles

When children are growing, parents are often very mindful of their general health. Visits to the family physician are priority for the developing child and illnesses of any type are treated quickly. A child's oral health is as important to wellbeing as physical health, though we do not often see the same level of mindfulness with oral health. It may seem as though a little leniency couldn't hurt, but this is a myth. When children enjoy too many sweets and do not learn how to care for their teeth, they can be set up for a lifetime of dental problems.

Baby teeth are important too!

The level of oral health a person experiences throughout life will be affected by early childhood habits and experiences. Primary teeth may only be present in the smile for a few years, but they are there for a reason. Baby teeth hold places in the mouth for permanent teeth, which are larger and need more room. Though they will eventually come out, it does not mean that baby teeth cannot pose significant problems if not well taken care of. A lack of oral hygiene or overindulgence of unhealthy foods and beverages can leave a child in pain and frightened. Before your child can develop concerning dental problems, schedule a preventive visit with your children's dentist in Etobicoke.

We grow healthy smiles

Dr. Tuli, Dr. Pavelic, and the team at sherway dentistry provide care to the whole family. When treating our youngest patients, our goal is to facilitate the formation of healthy habits as early as possible. Ideally, children's dental visits will involve examination, cleaning, and education. Cavities and other dental problems are preventable! We like to work with kids and their families to encourage excellence in home care. Through just a few basic habits, it is possible to protect the growing smile.
  • A baby's gums can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth, keeping bacteria at bay
  • Professional dental care may begin as soon as teeth are visible
  • Babies and toddlers should go to sleep with water only, no juice or milk due to sugar residue
  • Parents can encourage healthy habits with active involvement that makes oral hygiene fun
  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables can be offered instead of sugary snacks
We all want to see our children happy. Knowing your child is uncomfortable can be very distressing. Give your family the gift of lifelong oral health. Schedule dental checkups early and regularly.

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