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Why are dental implants necessary?

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Dental Implants Dentist in Etobicoke ON Area
Your natural teeth are so important from a young age right into elderly adulthood. To prevent having to use dentures and other prosthetics, taking care of your teeth matters. Dr. Shefali Tuli and the team at Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke, Ontario, are professionals in teeth restoration with major and minor dental treatment plans.

Dental Implant Dentist in Etobicoke Ontario can help improve your smile

When you restore your smile if you miss a single tooth or many, it increases your smile's function and appearance and boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Dental implants act and look just like regular teeth. They are made of solid materials such as titanium. Titanium is robust and resistant to corrosion and fuses well with your jawbone to give your restoration crown stability and strength and functions much like a natural tooth root.

On the other hand, Zirconia dental implants are a metal-free option to titanium implants. They are compatible with human tissues and have excellent aesthetics as they can easily match the natural tooth.

The benefits and importance of teeth implant treatment include the following:

Having dental implants restores the look and feel of your natural smile. They preserve your jawbone from deterioration and prevent changes to your facial structure.

It improves chewing

Missing teeth make chewing food difficult which can lead to indigestion.

It gives a confidence boost

A crooked smile or teeth missing in the front can be embarrassing and reduce self-confidence.

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They have a high success rate

It may not be cheap, but dental implants have a success rate of 90 – 95%.

It limits teeth from shifting in the mouth

Replacing a missing tooth ensures that teeth next to those missing gaps in the gum don't shift or move.

Improves your quality of life

Having your teeth and being able to eat without pain is fantastic.

Decreases bone loss

Stops bone loss from occurring because when teeth are missing, bone mass tends to deteriorate.

Dental Implants with a Dentist in Etobicoke Ontario

If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, choosing the correct replacement options is essential. Discuss your needs with our dental professional at Sherway Dentistry today. To book an appointment with Dr. Shefali Tuli, call 416.639.2546 to schedule an appointment today!

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