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Why Patients Choose Dental Implants from Their Dentist in Etobicoke

Any type of oral condition, including the loss of a permanent tooth, should be treated by your trusted dentist. When a tooth is lost, it is important to address the space that has been created in the smile. Even if this space is located in the back of the mouth, there are implications to tooth loss that can affect oral health and appearance. Missing teeth may be replaced with bridgework, a customized denture appliance, or dental implants. We encourage patients near Etobicoke to schedule a consultation at Sherway Dentistry to explore their options for long lasting tooth replacement.

Tooth replacement with a bridge or denture focuses on the restoration of appearance and function. Either form of care lacks the replacement of the tooth root. Dental implant treatment has been designed to replace the roots of missing teeth, restoring every aspect of the tooth to replicate natural structure as closely as possible. The stability and functionality that come from dental implant treatment is so high that most people cannot tell the difference between restorations and natural teeth.

The process of implant treatment takes several months but only a few dental visits in our Etobicoke dental practice. The majority of the time involved in implant treatment exists in the osseointegration phase in which healthy bone tissue fuses around the inserted implant posts. Planning and placement of implants is very straightforward, completed using the latest diagnostics and imaging that show us exactly where implants should be placed for optimal results. When we insert implants, we do so with a gentle hand and precision technique that our patients find very comfortable. To improve the overall experience we can combine the use of nitrous oxide for relaxation with local anesthetic for numbing.

Why Implants?

There are several reasons patients choose dental implants over other forms of tooth replacement. Not only does the entire implant restoration look and feel like natural structure, this is the only option that preserves the bone.

When tooth loss occurs, the stimulation needed by underlying bone disappears. Without this stimulation, the bone no longer regenerates and, over time, it erodes. In the first 18 months following tooth loss, a great deal of bone resorption occurs, but degeneration continues at a slower rate for an indefinite period of time, or until stimulation is restored via dental implant placement.

We offer safe, straightforward treatment to patients facing tooth loss. Learn more about dental implants in your consultation at Sherway Dentistry.

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