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Why you want to talk with your dentist about implants treatment in Etobicoke

We don't talk about it, but our expectation is that our smile will always be filled with teeth. After all, we do call them permanent teeth. Beyond childhood, tooth loss should not happen. Statistics show, however, that a high percentage of adults experience tooth loss by middle age. While we may celebrate the loss of a baby tooth, losing an adult tooth is significant for other reasons.

Your dentist at Sherway Dentistry can help you resolve the issues stemming from tooth loss. Replacement is important and should meet your needs for function, comfort, and beauty. One of the options for restoration to be considered is dental implants. In our Etobicoke office, patients from Mississauga and nearby areas can obtain the information they need to determine which method of tooth replacement is right for them.

Tooth replacement isn't just about filling empty space, it is also about helping you regain what has been lost. Through several decades of research, the disadvantages of conventional tooth replacement have been identified and, more importantly, rectified with innovative new systems. Dental implants were developed to meet the need for complete structural integrity. Your natural teeth have roots. Roots transfer blood and nourishment to dentin and enamel. Conversely, they transfer force down into the jawbone. This force stimulates the regeneration of tissue. By replicating nature, implants offer numerous advantages.
  • A healthy, attractive smile is integral to your appearance. It is also crucial to your sense of self. Research says feeling good about your smile will reward you professionally, socially, and romantically.

  • The general sense of confidence and wellbeing resulting from having a healthy smile are projected outwardly. The natural response to your positive self-image follows suit and has the power to improve your outlook on life.

  • A pleasing smile is very nice, but teeth serve a very important purpose, as well. Dental implants support whatever prosthesis suits your needs. This may be a crown, bridge, or full denture. In each scenario, implants provide the stability to restore optimal chewing capabilities.
There are several reasons why patients consider dental implants when they need to replace a missing tooth. We are happy to consult with you about your oral health needs and present options for your consideration.

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There are several reasons to visit your dentist to talk about implants for tooth replacement. Learn more at Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke! Call 416-639-2546.

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