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Learn how to maintain the results of dental teeth whitening performed near Mississauga, ON

At Sherway Dentistry, we enjoy helping patients with their oral health and cosmetic goals. One of the most convenient and expedient ways to rejuvenate the smile is with professional teeth whitening. In our family dental office located in Etobicoke, men and women from Toronto, Mississauga, and other Ontario communities can choose from in-office or home whitening treatment.

The original method of whitening enamel involved applying a mild bleach solution via custom-fit trays. Home treatment like this remains an efficient and affordable option for achieving beautiful results. Using either NiteWhite or DayWhite prescribed by your dentist, you can see the bright smile you have wanted within a short period of time.

Enjoy lasting results

Because teeth have thousands of tiny pores on the surface, the effects of whitening treatment will fade over time. How long your bright new smile remains dazzling is partly up to you.
  • Focus on hygiene. Brushing is intended to remove debris and inhibit the formation of plaque on enamel. When you are mindful about your brushing and flossing habits, you maintain a healthier smile; and also a brighter one.

  • It is no secret that discoloration is attributed to foods, beverages, and tobacco use. Smokers may need to perform teeth whitening more often than non-smokers. Rather than limit your consumption of coffee, tea, and other known stain-causing foods, you may simply create the habit of brushing or rinsing out your mouth shortly after enjoying your treat.

  • Don't skip dental visits! Routine dental care includes an exam and a professional cleaning. This twice-a-year polishing can do a lot to keep enamel bright and shining.
There is an additional benefit to keeping your regular six-month recall visits at Sherway Dentistry! We believe in rewarding you for your diligence in caring for your teeth and gums. When you maintain routine care, you can enroll in our free Whitening for all patients program. Once enrolled, you will receive a supply of whitening gel at your normal recall visits.

We all like to feel good about our appearance. To see how a brighter smile can improve your look, your mood, and more, schedule a consultation for treatment at 416-639-2546.

Cosmetic dental care like teeth whitening gives you more reason to smile. See how easy treatment is at Sherway Dentistry near Mississauga, ON. 416-639-2546.

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