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Choosing the right dental whitening service in Etobicoke, ON

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Dental Whitening Service at Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke ON Area

Never underestimate the power of a smile. It can bridge an awkward moment, open the door to new friendships, and make you appear younger and happier. Most importantly, it simply feels great to have confidence in the appearance of your teeth. That is why Dr. Tuli and the team of Sherway Dentistry in Etobicoke, ON offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, including dental whitening.

Options for whitening your teeth

If your teeth have become dull, dingy, and stained over time, there are several potential solutions. These include:
  • Over the counter whitening – You will find many products on the store shelves. A few are helpful, though not as powerful as professional whitening systems. Others are essentially ineffective, and some have the potential to damage your teeth. If you are considering retail whiteners, please ask your dentist for advice.
  • In office treatment – This is the fastest and most powerful type of teeth whitening. We use ZOOM, which takes less than one hour and can lighten teeth by several shades. The results are instant and amazing.
  • Professional home whitening – With this system, we will create customized whitening trays, and provide professional bleaching gel along with instructions. You can use the trays daily at your convenience, gradually lightening teeth until you reach your desired shade.
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Are you a candidate?

Teeth whitening is safe for most patients, though certain oral health problems may need to be addressed prior to treatment. However, there are some instances in which discoloration may not respond to whitening. This can happen if a tooth sustains injury that damages blood vessels. Healthy dental pulp (soft tissues inside of a tooth) is normally pink to red. Without circulation to keep the pulp alive, it will turn dark brown or black, causing the entire tooth to darken. Additionally, some people have naturally darker tooth color or have dark inclusions in the enamel. In these types of cases, we may recommend an alternative such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

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If you have been searching for the “best teeth whitening services near me,” arrange a consultation to discuss your options. We even offer a free whitening for life program for qualifying patients – ask us for details. Give us a call at 416.639.2546 to get started.

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