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If DIY whitening will work, why is it important to see an Etobicoke ON dentist?

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If DIY Whitening Will Work, Why is It Important to See an Etobicoke ON Area Dentist?

When your pearly whites start to look dull, dingy, and stained, you might reach for the first teeth whitening product on the store shelf. However, retail whiteners might not work as well as you expect. They are not as strong as professional whitening systems. Furthermore, some products can be painful or harmful unless used with a dentist’s supervision. Here at Sherway dentistry, we believe that safety and stunning results are important, which is why we offer Zoom teeth whitening.

Will over the counter teeth whiteners work?

Teeth whitening products that you buy in a store might work, to some extent. There are many different brands and types or retail whiteners available. Some are better quality than others, and some are more hype than substance. If you choose a good product, it will probably lighten your teeth. However, over the counter products are not as strong as those available from a dentist. If you expect the same result from a retail product that you would get from professional whitening, you are likely to be quite disappointed.

Is DIY teeth whitening safe?

Good quality retail whiteners should not be harmful if you use them correctly and you have good oral health. However, not every product is good. Whitening toothpastes may contain overly harsh abrasives that can damage enamel. Poorly fitting trays can leak, exposing your gums to whitening gel.

The condition of your teeth is also an important factor. If you have exposed nerves or untreated decay, whitening formulas may be very painful. If you have thin or soft enamel, even a mild abrasive may be damaging. That is why you should always talk to your dentist before trying any type of teeth whitening.

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening?

Professional treatment has two important benefits.
  • Safety – We begin with a complete evaluation, to make sure that you are a good candidate. If you have oral health problems such as exposed nerves, we will recommend treating those prior to whitening. We will also find out if you have sensitive teeth, in which case we may recommend a gentler whitening treatment.
  • Results – Biofilm on your teeth acts as a barrier, preventing whitening gel from properly contacting the enamel. We begin with professional teeth cleaning, which facilitates uniform results. Additionally, professional whitening products are stronger than those available in stores. Our Zoom in-office whitening can brighten your smile up to eight shades in less than an hour.
  • Cost – You might think professional teeth whitening would be more expensive. Think again! If you are attending your bi-annual appointments at Sherway dentistry and your account is in good standing, then you likely qualify for our free whitening for life program. Just ask for details next time you visit.
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