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Dental team offers Zoom! teeth whitening to patients in Mississauga, Etobicoke and sur-rounding areas

Tooth discolouration and stains can make anyone feel self-conscious about their smiles. At sherway dentistry, we take time to identify the right treatment method for each of our patients.

Providing teeth whitening options

At sherway dentistry, patients can count on dentistry that is safe and effective. Understanding lifestyle and time constraints, our team can determine which treatment is optimal. Therefore, our office offers several options for attaining a brighter smile. If time is of the essence, our team can deliver smiles up to eight shades brighter in about an hour with Zoom! in-office whitening.

For treatment, the gums are safeguarded before applying a professional grade whitening gel to the teeth. A special LED light is then used to activate the whitening agents in the gel for 15 minutes. This process is then repeated 3 more times achieve exceptional results.

Sherway dentistry also offers take home whitening. Patients can achieve similar results over a few days to a couple of weeks with custom take home whitening trays and professional whitening gel. Ask us about our Free Whitening program for new and current patients or click here to learn more.

Delivering brighter smiles

Coffee, tea, berries, and sauces can discolour teeth and dull the smile. Habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can wreak havoc on oral and overall health. Regardless of the reasons for wanting pearly whites, the team at sherway dentistry can help. Call us today at 416.639.2546 today!

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